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Length 48:11

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Ariana is a bit shy. She's got a beautiful body and her breasts are incredibly firm. Among other great closeups, the speculum scene is really a must see. Ariana oils up her hot teen body, starting with her perfect C cup breasts, then going for her tiny pussy and her beautiful ass. Like many girls, when given the choice, Ariana chooses the vibrator to masturbate, instead of the dildo. It takes her 15 minutes but she cums hard and wet. Then she grabs a speculum to show a clearer view of her vagina walls and her pink cervix. Her pussy is very tight and drowned in an ocean of moist pussy juice.

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Sasha Rose

Length 38:25

  • 2.16 GB
  • 862 MB
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  • 438 MB

Sasha Rose is a young pornstar that loves to show her beautiful shaved pussy in closeup. The video starts as she teases and stuffs her panties deep inside her vagina. Flexing her pussy muscles, she squeezes the panties in and out of her pussy before she slowly pulls them out. Then, holding a vibrator and a dildo, she stimulates her clitoris combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation to make herself cum. She then slides a glass dildo in her ass and starts riding it up and down, fucking herself furiously fast until she cums in an explosive orgasm.

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Length 36:19

  • 2.04 GB
  • 789 MB
  • 230 MB
  • 416 MB

Don't get abused by her angel face, Lisa is a super fine big girl who knows exactly how to fuck you into heaven. She loves to fuck her tight little pussy hard and her 3 orgasms in this video are totally wild. This lovely and very naughty brunette caresses herself and rubs a vibrator against her clit. She's so turned on that she cums savagely. But Lisa can't be stopped once you get her going. She continues to fuck herself with the dildo and, with her other hand, she rubs a vibrator on her clit. She brings herself to a wild second orgasm. Right after an orgasm, Lisa continues to rub her juicy pussy. She sticks a banana up her cunt and fucks herself furiously, triggering another powerful orgasm. She then grabs a speculum and opens up her pussy to show a very well lit view all the way up to her cervix!

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Length 32:30

  • 1.80 GB
  • 729 MB
  • 217 MB
  • 370 MB

We've explored this cute teen's body in detail... from her huge DD-cup boobs to her pink cervix and vagina, all in amazingly lit extreme close ups. sitting on a bed, Sophie caresses her large breasts and plays with her panties, stretching them against her sex to outline the crack of her ass and her cameltoe. She flexes her strong pussy muscles. She then fingers herself and reaches a very hot clitoral orgasm. She inserts a transparent speculum in her pussy and let the camera film her G-spot, on the upper wall, and her cervix filled with creamy pussy juice. Sophie starts caressing herself, then grabs a vibrator, and pleases her clit with the toy until she cums.

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Length 30:27

  • 995 MB
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  • 176 MB
  • 350 MB

In her real life, this beautiful 19yo teen's fantasy is to be caught masturbating. In this video, she sure has been caught in close up by our HD camera. Cindy starts playing with her panties until she gets horny and wet. After some extreme close ups of her pussy, she shakes her boobs and shows some asshole contractions. As she flexes her pussy muscles, her pussy gets totally opened and hot as hell. Cindy can't bear the wait and starts to masturbate. The pleasure in her eyes is obvious and makes her terribly sexy.

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Length 53:09

  • 2.98 GB
  • 1.16 GB
  • 403 MB
  • 605 MB

In this video, it's hard to count how many times Amanda climaxes. This girl is not only amazingly hot, she's also multiorgasmic! The scene starts with Amanda stripping seductively, caressing her perfect tits, showing some upskirt views of her panties. Aroused and wet, she fingers herself hard and cums in 90 seconds! But Amanda can have very deep clitoral orgasms, with pleasure waves that keep on circulating inside her whole body and makes her cum on and on! These 2x30min videos are just one long orgasm. A truly beautiful and intense moment that Amanda shares with us.

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18CLOSEUP PRESENTS Claire and Ariana

Claire and Ariana

Length 52:04

  • 2.92 GB
  • 1.14 GB
  • 348 MB
  • 594 MB

Eventhough these cuties are not lesbians but friends, they agreed to play with each other's bodies. Yet it has gone far beyond that point :) There are many pussy closeups of course, and many great scenes including pantie stuffing, pussy and ass licking, anal gapes and finally a great anal penetration scene with a studded dildo! Don't miss the part where Claire sticks her tongue inside Ariana's asshole as Ariana, totally turned on, begins to rub on her clit faster until she orgasms. Another must see scene is when Ariana's pussy muscles start contracting of pleasure as Claire licks her pussy, concentrating on her clit first, then by inserting her tongue as deep as she can in Ariana's pussy and tongue-fucking her tongue back and forth faster and faster.

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Kattie Gold

Length 45:55

  • 3.58 GB
  • 2.61 GB
  • 1.07 GB
  • 547 MB

Kattie Gold is a well-known Pornstar and a webcam model. In this 2 part video, she undresses, teases, shakes her boobs and gives herself an oil massage. Laying on her back, she spreads her pussy lips and pushes on her deep vaginal muscles to increase her sensations in her engorged swollen vagina. She makes herself cum a first time with a Rabbit vibrator. Then, again, Kattie enjoys a powerful speculum orgasm while rubbing her clit with the rabbit vibrator. She stands up with the speculum still in place and let her orgasmic juices drip down the handle. Kattie's second shooting starts with an exploration of her boobs and ass. She then spreads her pussy wide open, shows some amazing vagina contractions and rubs her clit passionately until she cums.

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Length 41:05

  • 3.20 GB
  • 2.33 GB
  • 983 MB
  • 517 MB

Jenny is a beautiful 18 year old first timer with large green eyes. As the camera starts rolling, she looks a bit anxious at first, but still her panties get soaked by the excitment of this new situation. Her arousal and sexual tension is so strong that her pussy doesn't stop flowing juices, her cunt muscles are squeezing in uncontrollable contractions as she orgasms in a scream of pleasure, and her juices drip and stick to the vibrator, to her fingers. After her first orgasm she seems a bit embarrassed as she never shared so much of herself. Yet she rubs her dripping honey pot to orgasm again, making her juices flow some more as she reaches a new climax.

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Length 35:53

  • 5.13 GB
  • 1.70 GB
  • 575 MB
  • 541 MB

Candy, just like her name, is sweet and tasty. And super wet! This is the very first time she's nude on camera! And she's totally exclusive to our site - this beautiful model did this only once, just for us :) She is definitely turned on, with soaking juices flowing in her panties... She looks excited and freaked out at the same time. A really really hot video, in 4K.

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